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The term SCADA consists of the first letters of the English words "Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition". Its Turkish language is Central Control and Data Collection System. SCADA systems is a general name given to systems that control and monitor units located in a wide area through the central computer and store historical data of the units. Operators monitor and control the operation of a process through SCADA systems. They are used in industrial processes, telecommunication systems, transportation sector, and control of power plants. SCADA systems can control processes numbering hundreds of thousands.

SCADA systems, in summary; These are applications that enable instantaneous monitoring and control of the production and control process and the system elements involved in this process, which can achieve the targets determined in the controlled system, at the least cost. The main purpose of industrial automation systems is to prevent human errors by minimizing the manpower used in the production phase and to increase product quality and speed by ensuring a certain standardization.

SCADA systems enable remote communication, making it easier to intervene in hard-to-reach and long distances and provide economic advantages. Today, such systems are applied in various areas such as energy production facilities, water storage and transportation processes, natural gas distribution lines, transportation and construction sectors, security and banking systems, feed production and air conditioning.

Today, SCADA system is applied in almost every field where automation is used. There are many reasons for this frequent use. For example; In networks where SCADA systems are used, some situations that are dangerous to human life have been eliminated. In addition, it is possible to easily obtain information about the process monitored through the SCADA system and to intervene in the system remotely in case of malfunctions by finding faulty elements.

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