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The concept of ATM may involve tracking the movements or behavior of an animal or human, often using sensors, cameras or other data collection tools, converting it into data and transferring this data to a machine for processing or analysis

Such systems are often used to understand, learn or imitate animal behavior or human movements.

For example, in biological research, ATM technology can be used to study the behavior of an animal. With the help of sensors or cameras, an animal's movements can be recorded and converted into data.


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“Animal To Machine” (A2m) generally refers to the perception, processing, or use of an animal's behavior, movements, or data by a machine. This term is often used in the fields of science, technology or artificial intelligence.

What is it? 

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A2M technology generally includes the following steps: Data Collection and Detection, Data Processing and Analysis, Pattern Recognition and Learning, Decision Making and Application. A2M  is often used in biological research or for the purpose of tracking, monitoring or understanding certain behaviors of animals. This technology can be used for a variety of purposes, such as understanding animal behavior, recognizing certain patterns, or presenting information about animals to people.

How does it work ?

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The use of this technology can serve various purposes: Biological Research, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health, Agriculture and Livestock, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Applications, Educational and Scientific Purposes. In such areas, A2M technology is used as a tool to understand, monitor or exploit animal behavior. Thanks to this technology, more information about animals can be obtained and this information can be used in many different areas.

Why is it used? 

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Animal To Machine


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