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Data obtained through sensors, control devices and information processing systems within the factory or facility are transmitted directly to the machines, allowing processes to be managed automatically.

P2M is also associated with modern industrial transformation concepts such as Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing.

Technologies such as machine-to-machine communication, data analytics, artificial intelligence and cloud computing contribute to the development of the P2M approach and enable industrial businesses to become smarter, flexible and efficient.


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P2M refers to the transmission of information and commands to machines or production equipment within a facility or factory. This is usually accomplished through automation and control systems.

Why ?

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Plant to Machine (P2M) system is a method that enables information flow between computing systems, sensors, control devices and machines within a facility or factory. The way P2M works generally includes the following steps: Data Collection, Data Processing and Analysis, Decision Making, Machine Communication and Control, Feedback and Improvement

How does it work ?

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Plant to Machine (P2M) is used for a variety of purposes in industrial facilities and manufacturing environments: Real-Time Monitoring and Control: P2M monitors operations within the facility or factory in real time. This provides operators with constantly up-to-date information and enables rapid intervention if necessary. It enables quick detection and resolution of possible problems in production. The P2M system is commonly used in industrial facilities to make production processes more efficient, reduce costs, ensure occupational safety and gain competitive advantage.

Why is it used?

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Plant to Machine


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Machines and Plants from Roots to Gears

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