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Sewers and infrastructure are essential systems that are critical to the health, safety, and general well-being of a community.

Well-planned and sustainable infrastructures preserve water resources, protect the environment, facilitate public transport, prevent diseases, support economic growth and improve quality of life.

Providing healthy drinking water prevents the spread of diseases and provides water, which is a basic need in people's daily lives. In addition, water infrastructure is of vital importance in different areas such as fire fighting, agricultural irrigation and industrial activities.


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"DRAIN REMOTE ANALYS MONITORING", which we call "DRAM", is a business analysis operating system that enables channels to be measured periodically and monitored live from the center. The projected system will not only monitor but also provide solutions to blockage problems in sewer systems without the need for any additional equipment. The system, which will work integrated with meteorology, will create an early warning in case of possible AFAD. It will ensure that sewer maintenance is carried out at optimum timing.


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"DRAM" is a system that provides contactless level measurement with easier integration and sustainability compared to equivalent solutions, and provides information about the city's infrastructure via GSM. It will provide insight into the possibility of apocalypse due to sudden changing climatic factors, especially in the last 30 years. After analyzing the existing infrastructure, an artificial intelligence mechanism is operated based on regional data received from meteorology servers.


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Data will be collected using our waterproof product by mounting on emergency response covers and beams in open areas. Measurement will be provided with ultrasonic level measurement sensors. Measurement values will be sent to the server via GSM. Integration with the meteorology server will be provided.


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