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 M2M communication generally allows devices, sensors, equipment or other machines connected to the Internet to communicate with each other. This communication may be used for a variety of purposes, such as collecting data, analyzing data, conveying information, or making decisions.

For example, M2M communication is used in many areas such as smart home systems, smart meters, industrial sensor networks and automation systems. This technology can increase efficiency, optimize business processes and enable functions such as remote monitoring or control.

M2M communication is often associated with the concept of IoT (Internet of Things) because it is one of the basic technologies that enable objects to communicate with each other and over the internet.


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According to this form of communication, with zero human intervention between the two devices transfer of information It does. However, in some exceptional cases, servers are still needed, even if only in small amounts. Basically in an M2M system; Sensors, wireless network or cellular communication connection constitute the main components of the computer connected to the internet. Additionally, system software for data processing is one of the main components of M2M.

Why ?

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In wired communication fiber opticHelp is taken from EtherCat or coaxial cables. Communication between devices in a local area network or LAN network is also an example of wired M2M communication. It is used in systems that are too old to be upgraded to a wireless network. In addition, wired systems are preferred in systems where wireless signals are susceptible to interference.

Wired Connection

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wireless communication the internet of things and loTIt is used in the system called  . This form of communication appears in every field, from radio waves to 5G technology. Communication is carried out via radio wave frequency. Thus, data transfer is ensured.

Wireless Connection

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Machine to Machine Communication


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