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DMX communicates between devices, usually via wired connections such as XLR or RJ45. Digital signals sent from a source such as a control desk or computer are transmitted to connected equipment using the DMX protocol.

DMX is a digital control protocol used to control different lighting devices such as lighting effects, moving projectors, color LEDs, dimmers and other lighting equipment.

The DMX protocol enables communication between devices using a series of cables, usually through XLR connectors. A DMX control signal contains a number of data channels, and each channel is used to control a specific light parameter. 


CDMX nedir?

It is frequently used in the management of lighting and music systems in places where stage lights are used, such as exteriors of buildings, theaters and bars. Each LED in the products it is used in can be illuminated individually, in groups or all together at the desired time and duration.


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DMX (Digital Multiplex) is a data protocol with which we can send signals over the cable.


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By using DMX, you can get all the colors in nature with RGB or RGBW LEDs. Avonni uses DMX data protocol in interior decorative products. There is no need for a DMX512 control desk to manage our chandeliers. You can manage chandeliers and lighting from your tablet or mobile phone with a mobile application we have developed.


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