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For example, people exchange information or control devices using devices such as computers or smartphones. This may be called H2M or Human-Machine Interaction.

H2M is a concept frequently used today in areas such as IoT (Internet of Things) and industrial automation.

It is part of the H2M concept that people exchange data or manage the functions of these machines through sensors, smart devices, automation systems and other machines.


İnsan ve Makine

The term "H2M" or "Human-to-Machine" refers to a concept in which humans communicate with or control machines. This term is often used to describe the interaction between humans and machines.

Why ?

İnsanlar ve makineler arasında iletişim ne kadar mümkün

People can interact with machines through various devices or systems. For example, through tools such as computers, smartphones, tablets, industrial control panels, and smart home systems, people can communicate with machines, give commands, or control these machines.

How does it work ?

Makineler insanları anlayabilir mi ?

The main purpose of H2M is to enable people to control, exchange data or interact with machines. This concept aims to make human-machine interaction more effective and efficient by being used in many industries and sectors. This is often used to optimize business processes, improve user experience or increase functionality.

Why is it used?

İnsanlar makineleri anlayabilir mi?

Human To Machine Communication

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Human To Machine Communication

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Control Machines Shape the Future

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