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The temperature will be controlled to be between 15 - 25 degrees. If it is outside these levels, the system will give a warning. If the humidity condition is not met, the larvae deteriorate and honey cannot be produced.

The system will also inspect by measuring the humidity value. Bee buzzing will also be inspected and information about the hive will be provided based on the sound.

According to the resulting productivity table, after the quality of life of the bees and the hive is increased, the productivity of honey will be expected to increase.


BPCS nedir?

In traditional beekeeping, control and monitoring are carried out entirely by the producers. Production is carried out entirely based on experience, without any analysis or technological control. Temperature, humidity and sound are concrete data that can be obtained from the hive. According to this data, hive efficiency can be increased.


Arılar bu işin neresinde?

After the data to be added to each hive is collected locally, it will be transferred to the remote server via GSM. The modules on the hive will work with solar panels and transfer information locally using LoRa communication technology. The data collected locally will be periodically transferred to the central server via GSM. Thanks to the data received on the server, a regional honey production efficiency map can be created. Productivity will be increased by beekeepers moving the hives according to this map.


Arıların sıcaklık oranı nedir?

Thanks to the information obtained, especially the hive temperature, hive noise, hive humidity, any attack from outside, all these data will increase the quality of life and work of the bees, and the yield of honey will increase significantly.


Arıların nem oranı nedir?
Sağlıklı bir arı günce ne kadar bal üretir?


Arılar için tehdit ne zaman başlar?

The Heart of the Bee The Power of Technology

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