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Forests and Natural Resources: Networked forests support biodiversity and provide ecosystem services. These networks aim to sustainably manage, protect and, where necessary, restore forests.

​Forest local networks generally aim to share local knowledge and experiences, increase capacity, develop strategies for sustainable forest management and increase the welfare of societies.

These networks play an important role for a sustainable future by enabling different stakeholders to cooperate and act towards common goals.


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Forest local networks promote sustainable use of forest resources, often by bringing together local knowledge, experience and resources. These networks may focus on goals such as protecting forests, improving forestry practices, preserving biodiversity, improving the well-being of communities.

Why ?

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The CFLAN jumper, which will be located in bird nests, beehives and CFLAN traps, will measure the temperature, humidity and sound level of the environment with sensors and report the data received to the system via CFLAN Router. In addition to the Cflan trap, movements in the environment will be photographed and the transmission will be instantaneous, which is different from normal photo traps. In this way, it will be effective in examining the living population in the forest and investigating crime incidents.

How does it work ?

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Forest local networks serve an important function, offering a variety of advantages. Encourages Participatory Approach Supports Sharing of Local Knowledge and Experiences Supports Sustainable Forestry Increases the Welfare of Communities Reduces Conflicts Supports the Conservation and Restoration of Forests

Why is it used?

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Endüstri 4.0 Teknolojisinin ormanda ki yeri


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Protect the Forest for a Sustainable Future

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