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​Well and tank are two important elements in terms of supplying and storing water. A well is a system in which groundwater is extracted, usually from local water sources.

This water is delivered to the tank to be stored or used. A warehouse is an area where water is stored, preserved and made available for use when needed. 

The connection between the well and the tank ensures that the water obtained from the well is delivered to the tank and thus becomes usable.


Su kontrol sistemleri

"CZR WATER CONTROL SYSTEM", which we call "CWCS", provides automatic control and remote monitoring of all processes until the network water is pumped from wells to tanks. With the valve automation system, we control your proportional mixing of water from multiple sources with PLC-based systems. It is also a system that helps control the chlorine level and maintain chlorine balance according to the filling rate of water tanks.

Why ?

Depo Kontrol sistemleri

In well-warehouse automation fed from a single source, we are preparing an infrastructure that can be monitored and controlled via text message from a mobile phone, without the need for a computer.

It draws water from the well according to the information received from the tank (tank fullness and chlorine level) along with the energy it receives from the solar panels. It also chlorinates the water according to the drawn water level. We provide industrial protocols at the optimum level in M2M communication by using GSM with mobile communication technology.

How does it work?

Uzaktan Kontrol

Our system, which saves energy thanks to solar panels, also prevents water waste because the pumps operate according to the tank level. At the same time, it increases the health level of water thanks to our system that controls the chlorine level. Thanks to the data collected through flow meters, we make it easier to examine water loss-leakage values and detect errors.

Why is it used?

SCADA sayesinde daha kolay
Depo kontrol artık daha kolay
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Temizleyici sistem


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